Escaping White People, a No-Whites-Allowed Retreat… (no, really!!)

"... KKK meets all the time to encourage the murder of an entire group of people. This retreat is to heal broken women by removing them from the source of the problem..."


Only White People Are Ever Hoarders, coz… White Privilege? Or something.

Hoarding is Huwhite Privlage. Yes I know that's the wrong spelling, some people don't though. My head hurts!

Replying to ‘100 Ways White People Can Make Life Less Frustrating For People of Color’ – PART 2

Replying to "Understand that nothing in your life has been untouched by your whiteness. Everything you have would have been harder to come by if you had not been born white." and other insane, racist orders!

100 Responses to ‘100 Ways White People Can Make Things Less Frustrating for POCs’ – PART 1

Responses to points like "When you endlessly complain about how terrible white people are, you are being that terrible white person. Jeez" and other banal offerings.